Achieving your highest possible level of performance (your peak performance) in business, sport and life is something many of us think about but very few actualise. In his book “Chasing Excellence” – Ben BergeronCoach to elite CrossFit athletes and multiple winners of the CrossFit games. Breaks down what he sees as keys to helping any achieve Peak performance. Here we summarise some of our main takeaways from the book…

Commitment – The first step in achieving a high level of performance is to define what it is you want to achieve and make a commitment to it.

Grit – Reliance is key, mental toughness is required. This is not a gift this is a learned trait.

Positivity – Focusing on the negative and the events outside of your control creates clear mental blockers to you achieving your highest level of performance. Focus on the positive aspects and the variables you control – mainly your emotions and reactions.

Plan for Adversity – Planning for perfection is pointless, nothing in this world is perfect and preparing for your event, test, presentation to go just the way you dreamed it would doesn’t

Confidence – Defining what your ‘win’ is and building confidence around your belief in delivering that. If you believe you can’t you won’t, if you believe you can you will.

Process – Commit to learning and adhering to a core process, this hones the tools and builds in the skillset for you to fall back on under the highest of pressure.

Control – Mastery of yourself and your emotions. Control what you can control, don’t become controlled by your environment and situation.

Turn the Page – Focusing on what has happened is a waste of energy and detracts from future potential performance. Focus on what is to come and how you will deal with the next challenge. Turn the page, move on.

Humility – Accept your shortcomings and ensure you focus on improving them. Don’t look to blame others or your environment, look at yourself when things don’t go to plan.

Competitive Excellence – Top performers have high standards of excellence and don’t take their foot off the gas even when they think they have won. Their competitive edge compels them to keep pushing.

In summary Ben shares some great insights into the key aspects of achieving peak performance, many of the concepts are not new and boiling it down you could say… Set a goal -> Practice and Prepare -> Remain focused -> Work hard. These principles and processes can be implemented across sport, business and life.


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