Gold medalists, world champions, grand slam winners, elite sports-people have all mastered one thing… Their mind. The re-occuring themes that run through serial winners are clear…

  1. Talent
  2. Work rate
  3. Mindset

Talent can be inherent but certainly can be developed and honed. It is also specific to your sport or industry.

Work rate can be replicated by anyone (if you wish) there are also many less successful people who work hard. The question is more around smart work rate, but even those who have mastered this and couple it with a good talent level can still fall short. That’s when the key element of elite performance comes in… Mindset.

The right mental approach is key for delivering peak performance. All the talent and hard work doesn’t matter if you can’t put it together under-pressure. That’s when the mindset of the winner comes through and delivers that gold medal performance. The beauty of this is that a positive mindset is complete under your control as an individual to develop and hone. It isn’t easy and requires commitment and effort every day but it is possible for anyone to get their mindset to champion level.

Below are the 10 key actions and disciplines you can employ to develop that elite-performer mindset in your sport, business and life…


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