With over 20 years of leadership, strategic planning, large corporate and small business experience I could tell you a thing or two but I won’t!

Coaching isn’t about telling, its about asking and I will ask the right, sometimes painful questions. I won’t hold back and I will push for the truth, then push some more.

Coaching can be often be framed as something fluffy and a nice warm chat, that’s not what I’m about. With my background in results driven corporate businesses I understand the drive to deliver and the importance of actions. I understand the commercial challenges and the need for clear ROI’s. My coaching is about supporting you deliver those results and more. We start with the Why, the vision inside. Is it big enough? Does it engage you and your organisation? Does it scare you enough? Is the possibility of failure real?

We then build the plan that delivers on that BIG goal and create the actions that will take your performance and your business to the next level.


If you don’t want to hear the truth or face reality, fine, I’m not the coach you’re looking for. If you don’t want to take accountability for your own transition to the next performance level – whether in professional or personal life – then don’t call or email me, we’d be wasting each others time.

If however you are willing to commit to a real purpose, to a big goal and vision, to being more powerful, to being clear of mind and to take big action, then let’s talk some more….