Blurrt Raising Capital Investment on Seedrs

The social media analytics company Blurrt is raising capital through crowd funding platform Seedrs. At this point they have raised over their target of £500,000 and are now over-funding. Equity on offer is 25% and the current largest investor is Finance Wales Investments Ltd.

Below is their pitch video and more details can be found on

Blurrt is a social media analytics platform which allows customers to understand social conversations, through:
– Curation of data: collecting, filtering, analysing and displaying social data;
– Making overall sense of audience reaction;
– Identifying hotspots in the conversation and key contributors / influencers;
– Showcasing interesting content; &
– An easy to use platform operating in real time.

Blurrt are based in Cwmbran Wales and have established a number of high profile customers such as ITV, BBC and Go Compare. With the continued growth of social media, a greater demand for big data and more importantly the insights that drives Blurrt would seem well positioned for future growth.

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